Rutland Vermont

Rutland Police Department Information

Established 1892, the Rutland City Police Department serves the citizens of Rutland City proudly.

108 Wales St
Rutland, Vermont 05701

The Rutland City Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving our citizens through professionalism, courtesy, compassion, and community partnerships

CityRutland (county) is a small city in central Vermont, it's actually the third largest city in the state. There is some confusion regarding the difference between the city and town, which surounds the nationally recognized Historic District.

The Legal Systems

The police department is located in the downtown area and is minutes away from the local jail. Should you need need the services of a bail bondsman (, make sure you know what type of bond you need. For instance Appeal Bonds posted in U.S. District Court in Burlington for all federal cases. For local cases throughout Vermont, a simple Surety Bond will be what you need in all correctional facility and courts.